Monday, 31 October 2016


Your problems are NOT happening in a haphazard manner and they are NOT meaningless roadblocks. Your life is working even when you don't think so, and you can move through your life with less resistance when you understand it. On the other hand, when you don't have the proper reference points, even psychic readings can become yet another attempt of problem-solving. 
(Do you find yourself consulting psychics repeatedly?)

No more running around trying to solve problems; let unnecessary problems resolve and have fun with the remaining challenges as you'd have fun with creative expressions. 

Rosemieen, the coach,  is a trained and certified Intuitive Counsellor, Coach and Facilitator. She has received her accreditation from various Healing/Metaphysics Foundations locally in Malaysia, United States, India as well as Europe. She travels extensively conducting as well as attending events globally. Her database of clients consists of corporate clients, business owners, professionals and individuals from all walks of life.

Soul Healings KL is dedicated to the assist in deeper understanding of our lives and how to transform it to a loving environment.

We use mediums that involve:

  • Tarot & Oracle readings 
  • Akashic reading
  • Transformation spiritual games: International accredited games by Licensed Intuitive Facilitator
    • The Self-Discovery Game 
    • The Life Journey Game
  • Drawings as a platform to provide a deeper understanding. 
    • Using the secret Mandala Drawings and colourings 

Payment Policies:

  • We always do cash at the end of each session that we have
  • When it involves readings with written reports, we require a 50% pre-payment for us to start doing the reports i.e. for Akashic Readings.
  • For events, and courses we require a 50% payments and we will give written materials for the course / event upon payment received. This deposit is not refundable. 
  • We have a money back guarantee policy for the first session, i.e. if you are NOT happy with the session and feel it wasn't worth your money, you can walk away without paying a single cent and just inform us so (so far this hasn't happened, but this is the policy we have). We don't like charging to unsatisfied customers, there is no point receiving money from under-delivery.
  • This money back guarantee doesn't involve sessions / events / courses that require a 50% deposit. The deposit is non-refundable, as we have started the work required. However, if its your first time with us, with regards to these, then the balance payment of 50% if you are not satisfied, you may choose to not pay us and walk away by informing us.

Contact us at:

  • Whatsapp at +60124960713
  • Invite our coach and facilitator for a coffee chat (a face-face talk with a cup of coffee) to talk about your problems and how we can assist you

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