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Soul Healings KL: Soul Growth Stages

Part 2: #Soul #Growth #Phases

Our soul has a few different major phases it needs to pass through in our Earth Lifetime to evolve and grow. As the soul goes through the passage of these phases there are lessons the soul needs to learn by going through a set of predetermined challenges in each of these phase. As the soul passes through these challenges it then is able to gain attainments. Each of these phase the soul passes the soul has a set of highest attainments the soul is able to achieve.

The question would be, I wrote about using the word "predetermined", "Why predetermined?" Before we come to Earth, while we were still in our soul form, there are certain records and predetermined course where our soul would embark on. To know more on this kindly contact me as directed towards the bottom of the page.

The next question would be: "Why is this important?"
When we know what these set of courses are and when are the transition periods, we are better prepared to make and go through the changes necessary and learn to accept our #soul's #journey in life.

In this section I will show you an example of two of the three or four phases that the soul goes through, in summary.

Client XYZ 
Problem: The client complains to me that throughout 2014 and 2015, he is pushed and pulled in different directions and is unable to comprehend why these are all happening to him.

I did a #Soul #Growth #Phase reading for him as I will explain below [P&C details are excluded].
As I was doing the reading, I noticed that the client was undergoing a transit from phase 1 to phase 2. 2014 and 2015 happens to fall on the years of transitioning that his Soul is supposed to go through.

Phase 1: #Growth #Phase
Prior to and during the year 2014, the soul was to learn and passage through a set of characteristics which evolves around embracing hard-work as well as looking at the details, structure and organise of work. Of course under this there are even more aspects that are broken down into and explained (not provided here). In short, in this phase is where the soul has to learn all about money, career, work, details and all its related matters.

Phase 2: #Productive #Phase
During the year 2015, the soul was going into a new cycle into changes, learning a different way and refreshing way of looking at things, spirituality, resting, being alone, being more peaceful, doing a lot of introspective and searching inner truth.

Thus, as you can see he would be going through many changes in both years, with which if he doesn't evolve and move smoothly accepting the new cycle, it would leave him feeling thrashed out, worried, struggling to comprehend things. He may also find himself going through violent shakes and endings of many things including career and family life if he fails to look at it positively and fights against it, which would only be futile and frustrating.

However, now as you can see, if he does know what he is facing and how he should evolve and make smooth transitions, he may never need to really go through "violent life shakes" and bitter endings. He may even be able to avoid endings but make necessary changes instead.

And there is also the question of "Why would the soul want or need to go undergo such drastic changes as with this person?" A pretty good question right ;) A question I answered to the client in his reading.

So hola! Is the importance of knowledge. With knowledge comes wisdom and peace.
Some things in life can be balanced, renegotiated and embarked upon as smooth voyages! Inclusive is the #akashic #readings and #negotiations.

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