Sunday, 29 December 2013

Making The Money "The Diamond Cutter -The Art on Managing Ur Business & Life"

Rosemieen the host of this event also does personal coaching. She is a trained intuitive counsellor and therapist based on various integrative modalities. She is passionate on moderating and promoting self-awareness.
Discussing on "Mental Imprints" and transforming them

What's making the money all about?
Making the money is all about business should be successful. That it should make the money.
This is the first principle and an important one too.

We don't do business for playing.. we do it for a reason, the reason being making money. Some people that feel that money is the root of evil, some belief that making money is hard, some people belief that ..... We each have many beliefs about money, about business. Frequently our beliefs create a block within us to be able to earn more money, to make more of it.

On this first session of group discussion, we talked shared and discussed this.

Every single thing, by itself, is "empty", meaning it neither is good bad positive or negative.
The values of anything we come across, have values to it because we ourself put values to it.
For example: when we buy a property, the property itself is neither bad or good. If we bought it to stay someplace near our work place and it serves its function, we say its a good investment. However, if after we bought it, its value decreases, people might say its a bad property. Something which we would not say as it is still useful to us. So is the property good or bad?
Neither! It just it itself. A property. D value it has is the value we perceive it to be.

The same thing as anything in our life. It by itself is neither good nor bad. We, our perception, our thoughts, feelings give value to it. And the value we give it may differ to that given by another person. Thus, does it mean that one thing has two different values to it?

So what makes some things in our life a "good" experience or a "bad" experience?
Its within ourself! We create our outcome the way life presents to us.
If we perceive it and view it positively then incidents and situations in our life resolves well & we live a fulfilled life.
However, the reverse is also true. When we view it as trouble, problems, negatives.. thats what our situations become and life gives us more of that.

So what do we do? How do we change how we perceive situations to make our experiences a positive one? Is it even possible?

This principle applies both in our personal life as well as work or business.
This is precisely what we discussed.
How we attract good pleasant and more money by first knowing how to wire our minds into positivity. What effects it and how to maneuver our thinking and feeling and our end results!

To manifest anything first we need to shift our mindset. We learnt that during this session!

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