Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How do You Guide Yourself? Navigational Help on Your Life Map

Where are you now? 
This is the question that was addressed for this session on January 28 · 7:30 PM Zest Cafe & Restaurant Where are you? Do you know and understand fully where you are at current situation? How to go about it & what to do about it? 

Participants doing up their individual illustrations
In this session we had much fun by using graphical methods and illustrations to depict where we are in our life currently, what are our feelings are about it. Whether we feel stuck in a dessert like scene, going back and forth seeing only mirage but unable to get anywhere solid. Or are we at the rock bottom situation where we have hit the lowest point in our life? So where do we go from there? And many other interesting "landscapes" that we discovered during this session that represents where exactly we are in our life. 

Discussing & sharing
We learned about our internal reliable "Self-Compass" and how to use it to direct and guide us in our life situations. We covered various methods on getting out of our current "landscape" and steps to follow on to.
We learnt together how to understand, navigate and recognise our life landscapes and co-create without needing to run away or feeling lost.

This session used Oracle oracle system that holds a powerful mirror, revealing the experiences we all face in our efforts to find peace and purpose in our life.

Comment by participant after the session: 
CC: It was a meaningful meetup. I really learnt a lot more abt myself and answers to my questions in the past seems to come in. Thanks to rose. You did a fan static job in it. Looking forward to participate in similar meetup soon. Cheers. [more info click here]

*Faces on pictures have purposely been blurred and names provided initials only*
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