Monday, 31 October 2016


Our services for tarot & Oracle readings include:

Soul contracts
  • What are the contracts we made with ourselves as well the Higher Power (God/ Universe) on our purposes and path we have chosen to live on Earth;

  • Discover your journeys and its purposes 

  • What are the Soul Contracts that we had made with our loved ones i.e. spouse, parents, family and why we are leading the life we do currently

  • The meaning of Freewill and how we can choose what to experience and what to not.

Problem-Solving spreads

  • Tells us more in depth of the problems we are facing, and to resolve it with the best intentions and manner

Navigational Life Map Readings
  • On where we are exactly currently, 
  • Where we heading towards and 
  • Depicting our journey

    • How we can use the tarots and the oracles to sharpen out intuitive
    • What are the spreads we can use for Tarot Readings
    • How do we use the different Oracle Cards
    • Please contact us at +60124960713

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