Monday, 9 February 2015

Self-Discovery Game - The Path to Discoveries KL / Selangor

Do you seek to gain more understanding ?
Do you find you are stuck in your situation with no doors open ?
Do you appear to keep making the same mistakes ?

May 7, at 7:30 PM Figaro Cafe, Citta Mall
We had our latest session of Satori, the game that pushes us to delve within ourself, to stop and look at what is happening, how are we looking/judging events around us. We choose who we want to "target" in this game and which situation or we just leave it to fate to decide during the session.

Our latest game of five participants (one face hidden by request)
centred around discovering the hidden skeletons we have pushed into the closets instead of facing issues of gender and discrimination; on deciding to take the path of independence freedom in career or keeping current job scenario; in insecurities we are faced with that causes us to chase and go in repeated cycles of relationships one after the other; on dealing with the issue of our past first and facing it and to stop using it as a point to become a victim in present in order to gain comrades and friendship and indulging in truth; and lastly on facing our own inner demons to move on forward in life or letting them stay in our closet and drive fear and dead-ends in our life.

Sometimes it makes us sweat when we feel and face the truth of our hidden "secrets".
Are you up to facing the truth? Are you up to taking recovering steps?

Comment from one of the participant: "Hye Rosemieen, thank you very much for yesterday's session.  It was really good, helping me to see myself in another perspective. The karma card I drew has been bothering me for awhile already. It is something I don't want to talk in my life. Is it possible to meet up one afternoon, so that we can talk, please let me know. Thank, good day" JL.

So what is it all about? The Self-Discovery Game drives us to look deeper in the current situations that are bothering us. It allows us to uncover the motive behind incidents, the secrets of reasoning a situation with a different perspective and to guide our true self to emerge in calmness amidst the turbulence around us.

This is a team-playing game where participants extend support, participate and grow with each other. There is NO necessity in this game to share your situation or issue unless you are feel comfortable.

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