Monday, 31 October 2016


These games are internationally accredited games.
Acknowledged globally and NGO associated with the United Nations. Played and facilitated by Certified Intuitive Facilitators that will guide you.

Self-Discovery Game:
  • Seek to gain more understanding ?
  • Are you are stuck? No more open doors? Lost?
  • Keep making the same mistake? 
  • Learn to look life in a different way, and have a different way of understanding of what is actually happening in your life.
  • Everything in your life happens for a purpose, including your issues and problems...
  • Find out what the purpose is....
  • This game is highly spiritual, it will walk you through step-by step, your issue that you have chosen to review and show you the "REAL TRUTH" of what is happening.
  • It is a fun enlightening and team support game.
  • It will change your life and relationships forever! and unveil resolutions

The Life Journey Game:

  • Want to know where you are currently?
  • Understand your life better?
  • Resolve problems?
  • Find real life solutions?
  • Set a purpose for yourself. 
  • Allow the Game Deva/Angel to take you to a different level of understanding of yourself and your life circumstances. 
  • Allow yourself to be lifted into your life maze where the deepest darkness is unfolded or the light be shined unto you to guide you in your quest....
  • Transform yourself through walking through your "physical level", your "emotional level", your "mental level" and your "spiritual level"
  • Transform yourself to a new you with REAL LIFE resolutions YOU CAN USE....


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