Saturday, 30 November 2013

Stages of Life and Its Journey

In this session we walked through to re-wire the mental imprints (that we have built over the years and our own generations of teaching that we have been predisposed to since birth) necessary for the 7 stages of our life. We went through all the 7 stages of life from birth until the great crossing (better known as death).
We discussed and shared the journeys we go through in each stage and how to successfully cross them with a positive mind-set, drive and overcoming challenges.
Cambridge University: "For evolution to survive, no longer is it the most brute & fierce, but that of the greatest intelligence, the wisest and most co-operative." "You want to escape for awhile, and then return to your world and conquer your enemies. But you must conquer them here, because they are inside you" Alberto V. PhD
I was the host for this session, organized through Meetup, a consultant trainer and trained in intuitive counselling based on various integrative modalities. I am passionate on moderating and promoting self-awareness.
This session took on a very practical, "how to" & "do it" approach. 
The comments we had were: 
"Good content and delivery. Keep it up." Ricky
"It was interesting, It flips ur brain to find answers. It also reveals alot of things about oneself that surprises and has a new perspective to situations" Adrian
"In the beginning was really blur about the stages, but when go through 7 stages then I can link to each other and it is relevant to our life. Please include me in your FB group" Joanne.

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