Sunday, 10 November 2013

Self-Discovery Games

Self-Discovery Games ~ Get to know your self better

Perhaps there is divine purpose behind everything that happens in our life? Do you belief so? Whether you belief or not, do join us and embark on a journey with us to discover the TRUTH and to choose PEACE & LOVE in life. To live a life beautifully and fully. You will be amazed by what you discover! Come experience it for yourself.

This game is facilitated by Rosemieen-Femide, me, where I have also created different themes and materials to play with. During the session, you will be guided through the intuitive game and worksheets surrounding the theme, and assess as well as gain more insights into whatever that you are currently working on in your own life. When the game concludes, a debrief will be done to help you gain an awareness of what happened and to perform energy exchanges and clearings. 

This self-awareness game, is not just one that is fun but also highly transformational and healing. It gives us the exact insights we need to move beyond vicitimisation to taking back our power. This game is played by 4 – 5 persons with a facilitator and gives much insights into and wisdom to create a space and understanding for our own healing. It leads us to where we can reframe the past and see the perfection in it. It can be prophetic in showing us issues we didn’t even know we had and connects us to the truth of who we are. This is the revolutionary method for experiencing freedom, peace and renewed energy. 

It is for anyone who is interested in experiencing & sharing in a group session on methods of reframing the past, transforming the self and creating a new future. 
It is aimed at achieving development and promoting understanding of the self, in a fun way for learning, sharing and embarking on personal growth!


  1. "Satori is a game of faith. If you play the game without prior judgment and with an open heart, you will reap the full benefits", 
  2. "Strange, but it does resonate. I do have to see things differently" 
  3. "This game is interesting as it reveals some of our beliefs that we unconsciously or consciously hold" 
  4. "Feel it is good to know more about myself after the game" 
  5. "I feel lighter as if a big burden has been lifted" 
  6. "Quite spot on" 
  7. "Good" 
  8. "Yup it is good to know my situation clearer now"

For enquiries, or to join our sessions, you can send me a message here or call me at 0124960713

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