Sunday, 29 December 2013

Self-Discovery: "I Choose the Power of Peace and Love"

November 28 · 7:00 PM
Zest Cafe & Restaurant

So satori Self-Discovery Game back again on 28th November.
This time we played the theme Power of Peace and Love.
There were six of us.

Rosemieen who hosted this event also does personal coaching. She is a trained intuitive counsellor and therapist based on various integrative modalities. She is passionate on moderating and promoting self-awareness.

We each played for different reasons. To gain insights on different things.

One played for curiosity to see what it is all about and get to to know what's the motive behind the self. And she was pleasantly surprised to find that the game played what was hidden inside of her and brought it to the surface.

Second, played for more insights on his job business partner.. what to do, what's happening. After various sorts of "separation" challenges.

The third, played on changing career lines and studying again. She found that the Satori opened up a new dimension of her on how to see things at a different level.

The forth, played for gaining more peace within esp the changes in culture between here and his place of origin country. He was told to chill out, relax, take time and enjoy life as it goes. Don't take all too seriously ;)

The fifth played to learn more on herself, on her change in scenery from her birth country to Msia. She had left her mum who was not so well with her other siblings and wanted to start fresh in life. The game told her, she deserves the best, to care for her own future, not to worry as there were her family there still and that to take life as an adventure!

The last of us played on his shaky position of quitting his job and his some remaining works left to complete up there.

Satori was fun! With lots of insights, negatives beliefs that it helps us remove, instilling positive mindset in our journey through life.
All in all, playing satori in team created a bond and friendship where we share, laugh and learn ourselves too!
Read more on reviews and members interaction at Self-Discovery Game Session : Theme "I Choose the Power of Peace and Love".
We also have our own meetup site for events either on How To Heal Our Life? Self-Discover or at site at Let's Discover Ourselves With Fun!

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