Saturday, 10 June 2017

Soul Contract Reading - Oracle/Tarot

What is a Soul Contract reading?

A Soul Contract is the agreement we make with our soulmates to help us learn the lessons we need to fuel growth. Or it can also be an agreement with yourself that you made on what are the major lessons you need to learn in this life time.

Think of it as a life plan that YOU created before you were born.

With Soul Contracts, anyone that comes into your world that sparks a connection is a soul contract. Partners, parents, friends, pets, and even the person who smiled at you on the street, or the person who asked you for directions - all soul contracts.

Contracts we made to be "bumped" upon whilst on Earth... even before we came to Earth.

Tarot is a visual gateway into the deeper realms of Self.

A soul contract reading of yourself gives informations about what your life purpose might be. It can give you more in depth about what you are here on Earth to do, what your higher calling is. Also, it can assist in shedding more light on why are you going through certain things in life that you simply cannot comprehend why this is all happening to you.

Whilst a Soul Contract reading with another person (your spouse, your relationship, brother, sister, parents, friend) allows you to understand in more depth about what your relationship is all about. What both of you are supposed to learn whilst in the relationship. What are the challenges you face, would it work in the long run? How you can make it work between both of you? What can bring you apart? What can bring you together? Or is the person just there to teach you something about life?

A Soul Contract Reading can help you discover all this and more. Drop me a message at +60124960713 to learn more or have your own reading.

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